She’s still not here.

My daughter, Clara, was stillborn in June 2018. There was nothing I nor the doctors could have done to prevent it. There is no one to be angry at. Just intense crushing despair and a yearning for what almost was.

As we settle into a ‘new normal’ what’s hardest to grasp is the idea that this isn’t the type of thing you can hunker down and get through. She is gone forever. Yet I often feel like I’m still just waiting for her to come home to us. But she’s still not here.

My husband and I were lucky enough to receive excellent care and support which made the most difficult time in our lives a bit more easy to navigate. But for that to exist there were sadly hundreds and thousands of people who came before us that lobbied, coaxed, and demanded better.

There is much we can still do. 15 babies a day are stillborn or die within 4 weeks of birth in the UK. Please help make the world a slightly better place for the families and friends that will never stop missing them.

Thank you,
Anna  x


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